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"I knew I had to change everything [when my career derailed], but had no idea even how to begin. Then, I met Deanna. Her ability to help me aim for the target [and hit it] was extraordinary."

Christina Cherneskey, Christina Cherneskey Communications

Do you feel isolated from other like-minded entrepreneurs?  Miss sharing and bouncing ideas around, but can't make a long commitment right now?


was created for you!

One virtual LIVE group session...

With a compassionately curated small group ...

Professionally facilitated by Deanna...

And complimentary with no strings attached

for small business owners, who can definitely

use a break right now.


Check them out here to see how to join....



Do you feel stuck, spinning on a hamster wheel? Completely overwhelmed and frustrated?

If you don't know where to start, where to turn, or what to do, then start here.

Every month, there are available some sessions designed entirely with you in mind.

At no cost to you, other than your time and a bit of prep.

They're called Breaking New Ground Sessions, held privately with Deanna.  So what’s the catch?

Check them out here and book a session online.


"I was put at ease right away with Deanna’s style of coaching. She helped me break things down into manageable steps and I am no longer afraid of entrepreneurship, but rather just excited and focused. She was very easy to talk to and open up to.” 

Kimberly Fernet, Baked in Saskatoon


Do you know you're overwhelmed with time and drained energy, never ending tasks, competing priorities, and worried when and how to put out marketing that's respectful and welcomed?

If you have wondered how much more you could accomplish if only there was someone to:

  • help you sort out the big stuff,
  • be a confidential sounding board for your unique challenges, and
  • keep you accountable on track,

... then it’s worth checking out private coaching. It's not just for sports jocks.

After working with a skilled coach and having strong support, imagine what your life will look like.

  • With your stuff sorted out, confusion and weight will be off your shoulders and you’ll have more clarity to focus on the important things.
  • With a safe and skilled sounding board, you’ll be able to think and feel your way to your best decisions that align with you and where you want to go.
  • With being held accountable, you’ll be able to get done so much more of the stuff that matters and moves you ahead, while letting go of the busy-work that drains your energy and robs you of time.

With all of that, you can breathe again. Move forward again. See yourself differently, feel your successes, and confidently build the life you want.

Click here to see different packages that support various results and small business budgets.


"I have come to realize that even though I can do a pretty good job on my own, a good coach adds so much more value than even just talking things out with a friend. Deanna’s excellent questions and insights often led to my thought processes being challenged, which allowed me to break out of my own box. I have now experienced coaching with a number of different coaches and none of them compare to Deanna.” 

Nick Parkes, https:/


Do you live in/around Saskatoon, Canada, and want to start your own business?

Deanna is one of the main practitioner-entrepreneur facilitators, business coaches and business plan reviewers of the Praxis School of Entrepreneurship's startSMART program. Their track record based on over 900 participants proves that a well thought out and prepared start sets up success better than any other approach.

If you live in the Saskatoon area and are considering starting a business, do yourself a favour and contact Praxis.

Call Elaine at 306-664-0500 to learn more about how the program might support your business setup and launch.