What They're Saying

"Had you asked me a year ago if I would seek the services of a facilitator or coach, I would have flatly told you, 'no.'

For nearly 30 years, I have connected, interacted and communicated with people throughout Canada as a prominent radio broadcaster and journalist.

When my professional radio career was derailed, I knew I had to change everything, but had no idea even how to begin. Then, I met Deanna. Her ability to help me aim for the target was extraordinary. Whether it was one-on-one coaching sessions or classroom work at Praxis School of Entrepreneurship, I was in for lessons of a lifetime.

Deanna leads, and she guides.

But doesn’t pave the way. She explains (using the simplest terms) that rebuilding a professional life is complicated. She shows using her own experiences. And she gently reminds us there is a solution – if we are prepared to work. Never have I received such respect and honesty from a facilitator at the most critical point in my life – professional and personal.

I soundly recommend Deanna’s services to anyone who is moving forward professionally, provided they: want to genuinely grow professionally; like to laugh; and will be able to hear her wisdom."

- Christina Cherneskey, Christina Cherneskey Communications


"Before I began coaching I felt I had a pretty good handle on things. My biggest challenge revolved around that which I had not considered yet.

I felt confident that I could push forward and succeed. I was however unaware of many of the unforeseen challenges that lay ahead of me. Some of these challenges included how best to bring my idea to market. As my idea evolved, it took on some drastic challenges.

These issues created frustrations, doubts and concerns.

Each issue that surfaced called into question some of the decisions I had made and would need to continue making.

I have come to realize that even though I can do a pretty good job on my own, a good coach adds so much more value than even just talking things out with a friend.

Almost immediately I saw the value in coaching and I realized that it was so much more beneficial to go through these sessions.

I experienced so many examples of synergy through my sessions that I believe that it has improved me and helped my business to keep on track.

Our coaching conversations were able to evolve naturally and go places we did not expect.

I loved the free-flowing form it took. While there were elements of structure, the coaching conversations were able to evolve naturally and go places we did not expect.

Deanna’s excellent questions and insights often led to my thought processes being challenged which allowed me to break out of my own box.

Additional resolve and motivation.

When dealing with challenges it was a great space to release the frustration and I often left the coaching sessions with additional resolve and motivation to work through the challenges ahead.

It was also just incredibly encouraging to know that someone else believed in what I was doing and was simply just trying to help me to be successful. That alone is extremely precious.

Would I recommend Deanna’s coaching?

Yes, absolutely! I have now experienced coaching with a number of different coaches and none of them compare to Deanna.

She has a unique gift to be able to discern what’s really going on and get you thinking about things differently. She can bring you to a place where you have ideas, breakthroughs and successes that you would almost think you got to by yourself!

I am excited for the future of my business. With the recent breakthroughs I am able to deliver an elevated service that is beyond what I initially dreamed. Our mission is to connect anglers with destinations in the digital age and we are on an exciting track to make a significant difference."

- Nick Parkes, https://getfishing.online


"As an entrepreneur I am often pulled in many directions, and I wasn't sure I'd have the time to do anything 'extra' for my business.

I launched Clarity Coaching & Development years ago and have been managing all marketing and research on my own and this has become overwhelming as of late as my workload is constantly expanding. I decided I had to do something different, so I reached out to Deanna knowing of her vast knowledge and experience with small business.

Deanna helped me streamline the process for collecting compelling testimonials and also recently attended my “Networking Made Easy - First Impressions Matter” seminar to observe and further improve my processes I had previously implemented.

Her dedication to my success and breadth of ideas were truly impressive. She is also coaching me on my marketing strategies as well to help me expand my workshops and professional speaking services across Canada.

I was also impressed by the mix of professionalism and innovation in her coaching.

Having Deanna there to help relieve some stress has been a true gift. Her understanding of psychology and the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator has also proven to be instrumental in how she customized her language to suit my preferences and learning styles. Being adaptable is a brilliant skill and Deanna has truly mastered it

I would highly recommend Deanna as a coach to business owners and entrepreneurs looking for direction, innovation and clarity.  I look forward to continuing to work with her moving forward!"

- Jolene Watson, Professional Speaker, MBTI® Certified Practitioner, Clarity Coaching & Development


"I feared success as well as failure.  So bringing in outside help was daunting.

I felt like a proverbial record, replaying the same old tune, with little progress to show for efforts that had become stuck.  When I found myself despairing and even complaining more than normal about these circumstances, I knew I needed a hand up.  However, I also felt that change was daunting, and so Deanna’s empathetic manner of relating to me kept me listening, thinking and moving forward.

The “deep dives” in coaching were especially transformative.

In the coaching room, Deanna pointed out personality traits to me that could be self-limiting, but also shared some pointers and strategies for growing my business that provided that hand up to help me out of the negative rut I was in. She repeatedly saw a bigger picture than the one I then could.

I also loved her down-to-earth realism and awareness of the economic challenges of the market in which I was working. There was never any Pollyanna.

And yet, because insights seemed to come “through her pores” in our meetings, Deanna could (and did) speak her insights in unplanned moments.  These epiphanies startled me with their clarity, eloquence and power (and this coming from me, a writer and avid reader).

I came to recognize that “growth is messy and uncomfortable and not to stress over that reality.  It helped me to hear that it was fine to take small steps  when on risky ground, especially when limited funds were available.

I am now more calm and at peace with myself and with my business growth, even though the challenges with my markets and the local economy often persist.  I don’t get as easily discouraged or fall into that morose rut I once occupied.

Would I recommend Deanna?

Yes, definitely! Deanna has the deep knowledge of and skill with entrepreneurial strategy that come with her brilliant mind and years of experience. That experience comes crucially from both her work as a facilitator/teacher and as a committed entrepreneur, herself

Through her coaching, I have added new services, am planning more e-books and am excited about my future to tell a wide variety of entrepreneurial stories for SMEs; for under-served communities, like new immigrants; and for major companies, as well."

- Elizabeth Shih, storytellingcommunications.ca


"I was worried that I had already thought about the issue of my work and 'niche' a lot, and I wouldn't learn anything new.

I found that using the Farm Cards and Deanna's wisdom opened up new aspects of the situation and solutions.  They provided a symbolic image that could be interpreted in multiple ways.

Each card sparked some creative and intuitive thinking that we probably wouldn't have gotten to with talking alone.

Deanna's grounded, present and loving presence holds a safe space within which I could be vulnerable, and explore.

She was deeply attentive to the thoughts I was sharing, and added wisdom of her own that added new dimensions.

We ended with some specific action steps I could take to move forward.  I am so grateful that Deanna shared her gifts with me.

I highly recommend working with her if you would like to have breakthrough insights and move forward in any area of your life."

- Terri Werner, www.EnergyFlowConsulting.com, Bucharest, Romania


"Initially, the idea of coaching was not appealing because of cost, and no apparent guarantee.

I even heard a horror story from a good friend who got completely taken from a coach financially.  Also I had the whole trust issue, how to know who or what the coach is – what someone projects vs. who they actually are.  But I got to know Deanna from my time at Praxis School of Entrepreneurship.

I knew then that if I ever had the opportunity to have Deanna as a coach I would jump on it, regardless of cost and my inner obstacles.

And HELL yes those obstacles were overcome!  Her ability to really listen, not just hear what her students or clients say, and truly be able to understand and work through things with them is a true gift.

The collaborative process, the approachability, and the safe space (complete trust) she creates with each session is amazing and I feel is one of her greatest strengths.

I most love the confidence and spark that I have deep within my core after each session.

Deanna has a way to unwrap a confidence that is buried way down deep, possibly in my toes.

To feel that confidence in myself after each coaching session makes me think I can take on the world!

I really appreciate her flexibility and being able to reach her over the phone or email for urgent matters.

The ability to hash something out with someone who truly cares about you as a person, and not just make a coaching fee, is priceless.

I would recommend her for all of these reasons, and because she is a magical force that I am so grateful to have in my life and couldn’t imagine my journey these past few years without her."

- Karlie Stewart, 86ink Design Corp.


"Before coaching, I was very overwhelmed with where to begin.

I was put at ease right away with Deanna’s style of coaching. She helped me break things down into manageable steps and I am no longer afraid of entrepreneurship, but rather just excited and focused.

I’m not really sure I even had any inner obstacle as she were very easy to talk to and open up to. I felt confidence in her ability to guide me.

I have valued all input and suggestions - they are like little pieces of gold to me.

Every single time I have any concern or need help I know come coaching time that it will be resolved and I will no longer feel anxious about what needs to get done.  I know I will leave feeling accomplished and excited because I know I’ll have a game plan.

I enjoy Deanna’s approach.

I like coming in and having set goals I was to accomplish since the last meeting and tackling a new list.

I also value that she’s there with wisdom and guidance.  When I come up against new roadblocks, they don’t get pushed off till the next time because she sees their importance to me.

I really like that Deanna’s relatable on a personal level, but doesn’t push her values, opinions or agenda on my business ideas.

I do know that we have similar values but sometimes people don’t, and I can’t imagine trying to work with someone close minded.

Since coaching, I have been moving forward with my plan successfully.

I have come up with menus and content for my website, got a loan and put an offer in on a place. I would have been lost with much of this stuff had Deanna not guided me to break it all down into realistic steps.

I would highly recommend Deanna’s coaching to anyone that needs help on a personal or professional level.

I have no doubt it will help in many ways."

- Kimberly Fernet, Baked in Saskatoon


"I didn't know if I could be completely honest in coaching.  I didn't want to look like I wasn't capable or able to take on such a huge commitment.  I didn't know where to start...

There are so many aspects to starting a business it gets quite overwhelming. These problems created a lot of stress. Tasks piled up faster than I could accomplish them.  It made me question whether starting my business was the right thing to do.

Should I just bite the bullet and take a job?

Some days I wasn’t sure if I was cut out to take this role on. I lost sight of why I was starting my own business.

Turned out that even if the problem seemed small, Deanna addressed it and helped to ease my mind.  She made things tangible and turned it into something I didn’t even realize I was either handling, or could easily be fixed or improved upon.

I loved Deanna’s attitude.

I always felt so comfortable, I was able to bring up anything related to my business.

And it was so helpful to have the scheduled sessions.

Through each week sessions helped me be aware of my stresses, to keep them in mind and tackle those specific issues.

Another thing I really appreciated was that our time wasn’t just relating to my business. Because I found Deanna very easy to talk to she helped me articulate some of the issues or questions I had, so I could communicate with others to get the best outcome. I am more confident in professional settings thanks to the personal touch of her coaching.

Coaching with Deanna was fulfilling, fun, insightful and I would definitely recommend it.

Deanna has such a diverse background and experience.  She is not afraid to tell you the truth, while still being positive and supportive. I often reflect on our time together and use what she taught me to this day!

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