Breaking New Ground Sample Session

BREAKING NEW GROUND - A Complimentary Session to Discover How to Drop the Struggle and Overwhelm in Your Business.

In this free session we will dive into clarity, focus and the areas of your business where you can make the biggest shifts that lead to the biggest breakthroughs. Plus, we’ll dive into the first POWERful step to get you started right away!

Before working with her coaching clients, Deanna has this free discovery session to find out if and how coaching can play a role in creating success in their business. Here is a peek into what this complimentary session is all about and how impactful it can be.


Do you feel like you are coasting on fumes? Adrift at sea?

When you know deep down you need to find more fuel and fill up the tank

The best place to start, based on ten years of working directly with business clients, is just one place.

“Peg Your Purpose” is the first step on the POWERful Path for a reason.

This Breaking New Ground session is specifically designed to get to the bottom of this, and reveal more of it than you may know there is right now.

Without it, any other steps are half-assed at best, and don't have the energy behind them to be sustained.


Have you felt like you don't have enough options? Too many options? Is it hard to make a decision on how to move forward and grow?

This is actually a big cause of the floundering feeling.

In this Breaking New Ground Session, you’ll experience an honest sounding board and an outside guidance with Deanna as your coach, so you can explore your possibilities more easily and confidently move forward.

"I would highly recommend Deanna as a coach to business owners and entrepreneurs looking for direction, innovation and clarity.” 

Jolene Watson, Clarity Coaching & Development


Do you listen to and take care of everyone else, from staff to peers to family and friends?

Are you focused on keeping your Game Face on for your business, to the point of it being a pressure cooker?

This Breaking New Ground complimentary session is a chance for you to open up safely to someone who's heard it all, so you can receive the care and attention for yourself.

Being a leader and entrepreneur can be a lonely spot to be in at times. Having a coach allows you to relax into a space created and held for you to be not just listened to, but truly heard.


"I came to recognize that “growth is messy and uncomfortable” and not to stress over that reality.  It helped me to hear that it was fine to take small steps when on risky ground, especially when limited funds were available.  I am now more calm and at peace with myself and with my business growth…” 

Elizabeth Shih,



At this point, you may have some questions about this Breaking New Ground Session.


Who are they with? Some secretary or assistant?

One problem faced by small business owners around the world - getting peppered on an almost daily basis by unsolicited and often inexperienced suggestions, advice, and ramblings by everyone under the sun who hears about the business.

Has anyone ever said to you, "You know what you should do? You should ..."

Of course they have. If you had a dollar for every time you’ve heard that, you wouldn’t need to consider any financing… ever.

This is not that. If that actually worked, you would be Emperor by now.

These sessions are with Deanna directly, a seasoned business coach. They are not shopped out! The Breaking New Ground Session is designed so you can experience first hand what it would be like working with Deanna as your coach. And it’s a no-strings-attached approach. Deanna is here to support you in making the next best decision for you and your business. If she can support you in that FANTASTIC! If this session simply allows you some clarity, but working directly with Deanna in an ongoing basis in not the right fit, that’s perfect too!




What's the catch? Nothing's really free!

Every time you turn around, there's another cost for your business you didn't see coming. It's disheartening and annoying.

And when you do find something for free, it seems to have strings and it's hard to trust. 

Totally understandable.

So in the spirit of transparency, here's the catch:

  • Deanna wouldn't be here today without the generosity of others along the way, and this is paying it forward to the small business community that honestly could use a few breaks
  • too many have never had the opportunity to experience great coaching, and that's a shame
  • these sessions are not free-for-all coaching or free strategy on any topic under the sun; you will be guided through a specific process based on proven methods to help you assess where you are and get unstuck
  • there are a limited number of sessions available, and that amount varies by season
  • these sessions allow Deanna to keep her finger on the pulse of small business even beyond her private clients and students.


How do I make the most out of this? I don't want it to be more trouble than it's worth, I'm already too busy as it is.

Fair enough.

Overwhelm and fog likely means much of your efforts are reactionary, and that you haven't been benchmarking your progress.

After signing up, you will get by email a few prep questions to help you make the most of this session.

And after, you will get a recording for your own insights and posterity. This frees you up to be present for the session without worrying about taking notes, and it also acts as a benchmark or snapshot at this point in time. From the future, you can look back and remember where you really were at this time.

This is a no-strings-attached approach. You experience clarity and walk away with specific actions to advance your business. Deanna will make an invitation at the end of this session, if it’s a good fit, on how you can keep that momentum going if you desire.




A single mindset shift from this session could get you a massive return in your business.

What is it worth to you to:

  • feel genuinely excited again?
  • see possibility and a way through the muck?
  • build some good momentum?

Let’s spend a bit of time together and drop the overwhelm and struggle! Let’s get you in right action moving forward!

Click here to book your own session, and get ready to be Breaking New Ground.



"I soundly recommend Deanna’s services to anyone who is moving forward professionally, provided they: want to genuinely grow professionally; like to laugh; and will be able to hear her wisdom.” 

Christina Chernesky, Christina Chernesky Communications