One of the big win-wins

One of the big win-win concepts of the garden world is companion planting, the deliberate placing of plants together for their mutual benefit.

Oddly, lists of typical companions for beets do not include hound dogs… likely because they are prone to enjoying the feel of tender plants underfoot or under belly.

Carrots are supposed to be orange

For hundreds of years, the world was satisfied with orange carrots. 

And that seemed locked in after their rise in popularity thanks to the food scarcity of two world wars, when fewer resources forced people to be more creative. 



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250 different kinds of dandelions

There are about 250 different kinds of dandelions.

Dad always said that on the farm, we had the kind that ducked when the lawnmower came near.

His generation seems to hate those little yellow flowers. They are everywhere on the farm, and since we grow organically there is no easy way to get rid of them. We don’t love them, but we’ve learned to respect them. It’s painful to see the first bees of the spring searching for blooms, when our gardens are nowhere near providing.