About Powerful Nature

Shake the tree of life itself and bring down fruits unheard of.
E. A. Robinson


Powerful Nature Coaching & Consulting Inc. helps entrepreneurs grow fulfilling and successful lives on their own terms – by guiding them to save time, make money, and communicate easily with prospects and clients so they can build the business they envisioned when they started this wild ride.


It was born on a third generation family farm

While it was restructured in 2019, Powerful Nature was truly born on a family farm on the Canadian Prairie. For one little girl Deanna growing up there, Nature was her third parent, first love and greatest teacher. Now she helps bring the wisdom of Nature to others.


The power to transform lives

Deanna discovered the power of coaching in high school through one dedicated teacher, Mr. Weseen, who taught her resiliency and valuable life lessons through team sports. He changed her life, and she has never forgotten.

Following her passion, Deanna parlayed an Honours History degree into a career with the feds working with national historic sites (insert applause for getting a good job off an arts degree). It was great until it wasn’t, and a toxic environment was the universe’s way of moving her along. She became … an accidental entrepreneur.


The roller coaster of entrepreneurship

Worlds of opportunity opened up when she attended the Praxis School of Entrepreneurship. She honed natural skills and talents she didn’t even know she had, and later joined the Praxis team.

Over the years she pursued business relentlessly through several personal life upheavals that turned her world upside down more than once (stories for another time).

Facilitating lively classes, business coaching and business plan reviewing became her vehicles for transformation. Branching out into other corporate contracts and her own private practice showed her more of the joy of serving others.

These last ten years, she has worked with over 325 business clients from a wide variety of industries and cultural backgrounds.



She is passionate about small business, inspired by her too-hard working entrepreneurial parents and the land that supported them. They had grit, and did what needed to be done in order to provide for their family by turning to their talents and hobbies to supplement the farm income.

This also came at a cost, which is why Deanna is so passionate about helping entrepreneurs manage their time and energy in order to build the lives they want, rather than settle for what they think they can get. 

What lights her up about this work is that these entrepreneurs are:

  • closer to their dreams than they think or feel
  • far more powerful than they give themselves credit for
  • the creative problem solvers that are lighting up this world.

They just need to know they are not alone, that there are tools left to try, and incredible shifts just around the corner.


Fresh and flavourful like her strawberries

Deanna cherishes the opportunity of #transformingentrepreneurslives in the tradition she learned growing up – “calling a spade a spade” using a fun, insightful and caring touch.

Clients love Deanna’s grounded, unique style. As they tell it:

"She has a unique gift to be able to discern what’s really going on…”

"Being adaptable is a brilliant skill and Deanna has truly mastered it.”

"I really like that Deanna’s relatable on a personal level, but doesn’t push her values, opinions or agenda on my business ideas.”

"There are teachers that impact one’s life and learning in a profound way that words are so weak to express.  You are one of them!  Thank you for being a great inspiration!”

"It takes a strong individual to step up and lead.  I admire your strength and determination to help others and am very thankful for your support always.”

"I love coaching with you, it’s like a cup of coffee or enthusiasm injection every time! You ROCK!”


What sets Deanna apart is that she:

  • is a farmer born of farmers born of farmers, and brings that hard-won perspective into everything she does
  • uses the power and wisdom of Nature to guide, to teach, to inspire, to relate, and to ground into clearer reality like tethers in a storm
  • is an entrepreneur in the trenches who loathes the Armchair General mentality
  • is professionally certified in PROVEN battle-tested business strategies (Coach Master Toolkit Certified)
  • brings a strong, fun and grounding energy that is hard to describe; clients say they leave from their time with her “with such a relaxed and loving feeling”

AND, they get sh*t done.


Some things about Deanna that might surprise you:

  • she loves to have fun, travel, and drink tea as she reads a good book while her hound dogs are draped over her like a blanket; one customer even dubbed her “Lady of the Hounds”
  • she owns and manages two businesses; the second, the farm business, she runs with her husband and they are the sole operators – no hired hands!
  • they strive continually to streamline processes; the first year it took three days to hand plant 2000 strawberry plants, and now they do it in one day
  • her board experience includes serving a longstanding local food co-op and as the finance director of the provincial fruit growers’ association
  • she wants the world to know that there is….



Powerful Nature is about helping entrepreneurs recognize and realize their greatness, connect them to their own powerful nature, and to the power of Nature itself to build their lives and communities.



A POWERful Path

Overwhelmingly, people start businesses for more flexibility, freedom, and to do work they love.  And yet, they end up working much longer hours and wearing many more hats than they ever did in their BB life (before business).

Deanna’s developed a POWERful path to get small business owners grow successfully on their own terms...and looking up at beautiful blue skies again.

And the first step on the POWERful Path to get there? Pegging your purpose and getting clear on your big why.

Deanna offers complimentary sessions to help you determine your determination and see what it will take to get to the next level.


She also offers a free resource to help you see how you are doing in the most important business areas:



Why not go out on a limb? Isn’t that where the fruit is?
Frank Scully