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You were already tired, and now the whole world is facing historic uncertainty...... along with your business.

How do you cope?

How do you survive and adapt your business?

How do you keep up to this unprecedented pace of change?

These and a million other questions are likely swirling around in your head.  And yet they all boil down to this one question.... 


Where To Start?

Start by downloading your free copy of Getting Better at Adversity:  The 5 P.O.W.E.R. Keys to Upping Our Game in Business and Life . It’s small so it doesn’t take long, and packs a big punch without breaking a sweat.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed and foggy, you’ll see your situation snap into focus and the fog start to lift. There’s control in that, and you’ll start to feel the earth under your feet again, grounding and supporting you.

It sure beats the face-plant-on-the-sidewalk feeling.

You’ll learn five keys to focus on that have the best chance at getting you through this with greater strength and energy for the quick wins as well as the long term. You don't have to work on all five at once, the great thing is that improvements in even one of these areas will reconnect you with your own power.




3 Critical Steps to Drop the Struggle and Overwhelm in Your Business Without Creating More Work.


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"Deanna's breadth of ideas and dedication to my success were truly impressive [in] helping me expand my workshops and professional speaking services across Canada.”

Jolene Watson
Professional Speaker, MBTI® Certified Practitioner, Clarity Coaching & Development

"Deanna's ability to help me aim for the target and hit it was extraordinary."

Christina Chernesky
Christina Cherneskey Communications

"Facilitation and coaching are both an art and a skill; Deanna is able to bring out each person's brilliance in a way that surprises, inspires and empowers participants and is why we continue to be grateful for her ongoing commitment to the entrepreneurs whose dreams are brought to reality."

Monica Kreuger


So glad you’re here, because …

There’s nothing small about small business.

There’s nothing small about you.

And there’s nothing small about what you can still achieve in this world.

Please know that however this crazy roller coaster ride has shaken out for you until now is one thing… only one thing (and very worthwhile too). It’s just not the only thing.

You can still make a splash.

You are more powerful than you understand.


"Deanna got farther with my husband in three months than I have in thirty years."

Very Happy Wife who wishes to remain unidentified, Saskatoon, Canada